Drawstring Denim Bag

Easy and fun project.
All I need:
– A pair of old jeans.
– An old curtain tie-back rope.
– Scissor, threads, and needle.
How to:
1. Cut the jeans legs, depending on how big you want your bag to be. 2. Cut the hem and open the inside seams of the jeans tube
s. Spread open.
3. Put both fabrics right side together and sew the open seams to create big tube.
4. Sew closed the bottom part of the bag. Do it twice to make it stronger cause you would make sure that your bag could withstand anything you throu in it.
5. Hemmed the upper part of your bag.
6. For the drawstring, you could use eyelet or you could follow my lead and sew several button holes. I sew everything by hand so it takes a while. (Then my friend reminded me that I could ask a taylor to do the button holes for less than 50 cent, but I think it’s cheating 😛 ). Thread your string, rope, or ribbon through the eyelets or button holes.
7. For the strap, I’m using old curtain tie-back rope. I just sew both ends and sew it around the bag.

And I’m done.


Bird Nest Ring

My sister bought a cheap barbie doll look alike this afternoon. When she open the package, I saw this small wires that secure the doll the cardboard. My first thought was to use them to make wire wrapped marble for a pendant. But the wires are so easily to bend and twist around and wouldn’t be able to keep the shape to hold the marble. My next thought was to use them for a bird nest pendant and with how easy to manipulate the wire I wont need any pliers to twist and shape them.
And then my sister had to go and told me that I already have to many bird nest pendant. Sigh. So here it is, a little bird nest ring.

Red Felt Bow Cuff

1. Measure your wrist and the width of the cuff to your preference. Add 2 inches for the cuff lenght.
2. Make the pattern of the cuff.
3. Cut the felt.
4. Pinch the middle of the felt fabric to create the ruffle of the bow. Tie it with elastic band.
5. Cut a small strip of felt, 2cm wide and 2,5 to 3″ lenght. 6. Cover the elastic band with the felt strip and secure it with a bit of glue. 7. Sew velcro strips or snap button to close the cuff.
8. And there you have it. a cute and simple cuff bracelet.

Fun Recycle

Fun recycling using anything you found around the house.
The chevron friendship bracelet was using little wires from a USB cable. And the other bracelet was made of plastic zipper, nylon rope, and wrapped together by tiny wires from a headphone.

Having fun while saving our earth? Why not? 🙂