Fake Pearl and Sequin Necklace

All I need is wire, 11 fake pearls, and 12 sequins for the second row.


Hello Kitty Bow Belt

A bow from an old hello kitty stuffed toy sewed to the braided fabric from a bag strap. You could use velcro strips or do what I did and using snap button as the belt closure(?). And you’re done.

Shoelaces Necklace

It’s an easy and simple project. All you need are four shoelaces, two ribbon crimps, jump rings and a lobster clasp.
All you have to do:
1. Sew one end of the shoelaces together. Or you could use glue. 2. Start braiding. I did it in fishtail style.
3. When you’re done, sew the other end and close both ends with ribbon crimp. Attach a jump ring to one end and a lobster clasp to the other. 4. And you’re done.


Double Seed Bead Circle Bracelet

Inspired by Seed Bead Circle Bracelet

I followed the DIY but I added my own twist. One seed bead circle bracelet that I put around/between/zigzaging on another similar bracelet. Well, you can see it on the image if you don’t know what I mean 😛


T-Shirt Necklace part 2

Necklace from fish tail braided t-shirt strips with beads sprinkled t-shirt flowers and chains.


‘Jeans’ Tote Bag

From a pair of pants, into a skirt, and ended up as a tote bag. As you can see, it’s a regular ‘jeans’ bag from a skirt/pants with additional fabric belt for closure and accent. I think it’s simple but quite pretty and not too girly. 🙂


T-Shirt Necklace

Fish tail braided t-shirt strips with denim scraps flowers necklace. Or you could wear it as headband.