Braided Bead Necklace

Based on how-to by ecabonline at But instead using single coloured type of beads I’m using 3 different shapes, colours and size. I quite like the result even tho it’s a bit too girly, what with the colours, for my taste. Well, maybe I should make another one that follow my preference.



Submitting this photo to be a part of #lookoftheweek segment in a fashion program on tv. Didn’t really think about winning, just trying to boost my ego that I could look pretty (if I say so myself :P).

I wore a long sleeves pink and gray stripes shirt, red maxi skirt, denim jacket, pink long scarve, handmade denim bag from old jeans and denim wedges.

Start A New Day

Covering women’s hair by wearing hijab is a must as moslem. But not every moslem women cover their hair. It happens mostly in a country with more liberal moslem, like in Indonesia.
I’ve been planning to cover my hair since quite a long ago but I had doubts about something and the other. Like I’m not good enough, not religious enough, and the like. I don’t want to cover my hair just for the sake of covering my hair. I want to be better, mentally and spiritually. And I thought I should be better first before I decided to wear hijab.
But lately I’ve come to one conclusion, I should cover my hair first and then I would have better reason to be better in every aspects of my life. I would be ashamed if my hijab reduced into a piece of fabric just to cover my hair.

Wearing hijab in no way demeaning me or suppress me or anything like what most people outside moslem community thought of. There’s no indoctrination or brain washing involved in it. Even my mother doesn’t cover her hair or wearing hijab. I just want to be a better
individual. I want to express my grateful to what has Allah given me my whole life.

Today is a new day, a new beginning of a (hopefully) better me. There would be trials and errors along the way, but I hope Allah will give me the strenght and faith to get through all that.

Bismillah… :’)

~ Annie

Jeans Backpack

This project based on Bonita’s Back To School DIY Backpack from Jeans on her blog,
Obviously I didn’t follow all her instructions. I didn’t put the flap and I used nylon straps from old backpack instead of denim straps like she did.
All in all I like the result and I had a lot of fun doing this project. And my little sister said that she wants to use this backpack to carry her books to school tomorrow. And I hope it’ll survive on their first trial because I think you all know how many books a middle school students have to carry each day :S *pray*

Collar And Cevron Necklace

Collar Necklace:
made of leftover from my old project turned plastic shoes into indoor slippers. Ribbon bow and button sewed on the collar where the two part overlap each other. Punch a hole for jump ring on top of the collar to attach ribbon or t-shirt strip or chains.

Cevron Necklace:
made of fake pearls, wire (or small and thin bobby pins in my case), jump rings, lobster clasp (or button) and chains (or small wires from my headset cable)