Rainbow Crochet Sling Bag


Finally, a sling bag that my mum asked me to make for her is done (the strap wasn’t stitched to the bag body in the picture, yet). It’s a simple bag, only using single crochet for the body and strap, and double crochet to make shell pattern for the flap. But my mum quite pleased with the result, so yay!



Fringed Beanie Bag

I was in need of a small bag with enough space for my coin purse, mobile phone, and a folded shopping bag. I was going to sew one but then I found an old beanie and a unused curtain tie-back (without it’s pair). As a lazy girl as I am, I thought why should I do all the sewing when I could take tie easy way out? So this is the result. Beanie + curtain tie = fringed beanie bag :). fringed beanie bag Beaniebag3