Chocolate Biscuit Bars

I got the idea to make chocolate fudge for quite some time now but I just have the chance to do it this afternoon.

At first I planned to make fudge biscuit bars which needs biscuits, marshmallow, and butter or margarine. But the grocery store near to my house ran out of marshmallows so I used anything I have around the house.

I use:
– 100 gram margarine
– 250 gram chocolate
– 200 gram biscuits with cream centre like oreos

How to:
1. Crushed the biscuits using food processor or cash them with rolling pin into fine crumbs. Put aside.
2. Chops the chocolate into small pieces and melt them on a pan. 3. When all the chocolate melts, turn off the stove and put the margarine into the chocolate and stir well until all the margarine melts and they mix nicely.
3. Put the biscuits crumbs to the chocolate and margarine mix. Stir well. 4. Pour the mix into a pan and put it in the fridge until it set enough to cut into small pieces. Or you could shape it into small balls when it still warm before put them in the fridge. As you could see, I think I put too much biscuits crumbs into the mix and it made the fudge crumble when I try to cut it. Next time I shouldn’t put too much biscuits crumbs or I could shape them into small balls.

And there you have it. My own version of biscuits and chocolate fudge. Do you have any favorite fudge recipe? I’m eager to experiments with dishes just like I’m eager to experiments with accessories or jewelry making 🙂