Scalloped T-Shirt

Revamped your old t-shirt into a new cute one. All you need is a scissor and a pencil. Or you can add a round object to create more perfect scallop pattern. Now you can start chopping around. Well not literally 😀


Crocheted Scrunchy

I’ve been re-learning about crocheting this past week. The last time I did some crocheting was more than a decade ago when I was in junior high. Crocheted scruncies were the most common hair accessories back then. And today I managed to made one. Yaay! :’)

All you need are crochet hook, yarn,
and a scrunchy or elastic hair tie.

1. Make a slip knot with the yarn on your scrunchy.
2. Start your chain stitch from beside the knot around your scrunchy until it covered completly.
3. Double crochet stitch for second row. 1 ch, 1dc.
4. Double crochet stitch for the third row but I made 1 ch, 5 dc each. 5. Make a tight knot on your last dc and secure it with a tiny drop of glue. 6. Now you can wear your scrunchy.

Happy crocheting :’)

No Sew Cape

My version of APairAndASpare’s DIY Studded Cape on Obviously I didn’t use any studs, leather buckle or fleece fabric. All I did was following her instruction on how to cut the fabric. Cut your fabric into a full circle. Make another smaller circle on the centre as neck line. Cut a straight line from the neck line to the hem. Add a button and a cord as a closure and I’m done.

Happy New Year people! Wish you all the best 🙂

Braided Bead Necklace

Based on how-to by ecabonline at But instead using single coloured type of beads I’m using 3 different shapes, colours and size. I quite like the result even tho it’s a bit too girly, what with the colours, for my taste. Well, maybe I should make another one that follow my preference.